Updates on Sonoma County Fires

October 27, 2019
California Wildfire Update

10/31/2019 | 1 p.m. PT

We're happy to report that the Jean & Charles Schulz Campus has re-opened! The dogs are returning to the training center after a short break at a number of dedicated and generous volunteer homes. Today and tomorrow, staff plan to take a number of dogs to the firefighting staging area at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds to bring smiles and stress-relief to the amazing firefighters who have been working around the clock to ensure the communities safety. Thank you for the outpouring of support during this time.

10/28/2019 | 7 p.m. PT

Due to the Kincade fire and current evacuations and power outages, the Jean & Charles Schulz Campus will be closed again tomorrow, October 29, and we have postponed the start of Team Training until Monday, November 4. Our puppy matriculation ceremony will continue as planned at Spring Hills Church in Santa Rosa at 1:45 p.m. on November 8. We will continue to share updates as needed. Thank you for your continued support.

10/27/2019 | 10 a.m. PT

The Jean and Charles Schulz Campus in Santa Rosa continues to remain safe from the Kincade Fire; however, we have evacuated all dogs and the campus cat to ensure they’re safety and well-being. Campus will be closed on Monday. Check our social channels for updates.

10/26/2019 | 6 p.m. PT

We’d like to keep you up to date on the current Sonoma County, California weather conditions.

Due to the Kincade Fire and forecasted heavy winds this evening, mandatory evacuations are in place for surrounding towns. This does not currently include Santa Rosa, however there is a likelihood of power outages in the city, including at the Jean & Charles Schulz Campus. Because of the conditions, we are delaying Team Training student arrival until Tuesday.

We are actively reaching out and offering support to constituents including graduates, puppy raisers and breeder caretakers in the affected areas.

Currently our campus is safe, continues to have power and it is not under any type of warning other than the potential power outage.

We will make decisions about closing campus if things progress. We are prepared to evacuate, including dogs, if needed. Follow us on Canine Companions social media accounts for further updates.

The Canine Companions Team