September 2019 eNews

September 11, 2019

How Fraudulent Service Dogs Impact Our Teams

Canine Companions® Graduate Wallis was placed with her second service dog, Mork, in April 2016. He faithfully worked with Wallis allowing her to be independent at home, in public and while traveling.

Unfortunately, Mork was on the receiving end of dog aggression nearly 10 times in less than three years. Mork was confronted with aggressive dogs, poorly behaved dogs, and pet dogs posing as assistance dogs. These interactions led to an increased sense of discomfort in public places for both Wallis and Mork.

“After all of his life-saving and life-changing work, I knew I had to make the right decision for Mork,” shares Wallis. “He retired prior to his fifth birthday. I lost my best friend and my independence.”

Only task-trained assistance dogs and their handlers are permitted in public places per the Americans with Disabilities Act. Lend your voice and support to this important issue. Join Canine Companions to pledge to protect independence and take a stand against service dog fraud. Visit

Canine Companions puppy FinnJoin the Fun at DogFest

DogFest is a family- and dog-friendly event that takes place across the country. Celebrate dogs and the bonds we share. It's free and brings awareness to our life-changing work. Grab a leash and find a DogFest in a community near you!

black adult dog and black puppy in front of pink flowersNot Just Dogs Rollover

If you're 70 or older, you can donate from your IRA to support our mission and benefit from it yourself. Gifts made from your IRA are not reportable as taxable income and qualify for required minimum distribution. Visit

close up of black dog holding blue toy in it's mouthThe Newest Pittsburgh Penguin

Penguin, named for the NHL Pittsburgh Penguins, started his journey like all Canine Companions puppies. Born at a volunteer breeder caretaker’s home for an important job to become someone’s assistance dog. Click here to follow Penguin’s story.

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