April 2019 eNews

April 10, 2019
Young girl nuzzles noses with yellow service dog while mother smiles and watches from behind

Kristi Is My Best Friend

Nu Ja was born with limb differences in her arms and legs, meaning they are either absent or incomplete; however, this rarely slows her down. “Kristi, get!” 9-year-old Nu Ja excitedly tells her new assistance dog. With a wagging tail, assistance dog Kristi retrieves Nu Ja’s lunchbox from the kitchen counter and then carries it down the hall so Nu Ja can put her lunch in her book bag.

Read more about the life-changing partnership that Nu Ja and Kristi share in the most recent edition of "The Companion" magazine.

Dr. Ruth wearing pink scrubs using an ultrasound machine with display showed on computer monitorBreeding Puppies With a Purpose

It takes a special person to spend 36 years on call day and night, 365 days a year, even if it’s for the sake of very important puppies. For Dr. Ruth Daniels, breeding veterinarian for Canine Companions, every specially-bred puppy was celebrated as a potential future assistance dog that could change the life of a person with a disability. Read more about the lasting impact Ruth has made.

black dog with man searching cardboard boxes and backpacksTaking a Road Less Traveled

Not every Canine Companions puppy becomes an assistance dog. Sometimes due to temperament, environmental factors, sensitivities or health reasons, a dog is transferred to another agency or nonprofit. Often these dogs go on to work in other capacities that serve their communities. Learn how Canine Companions dogs are working with MSA Security.

family photo with three young kids, two parents and a small yellow puppy wearing a yellow Canine Companions puppy capeRaising More Than Funds

In 2001, Dr. Bill Cunningham met a fellow University of Texas employee and longtime puppy raiser. He couldn’t help making friends with the pair and soon was putting his fundraising skills to work with an annual BBQ event that has since brought in over $1 million. It wasn’t long before his entire family got involved. See how the Cunningham family has grown by a new four-legged friend.

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