July 2018 eNews

July 11, 2018
Veteran with yellow service dog look on at statue replicating famous the famous Iwo Jima war photo
Make Every Day Independence Day

Sergeant Stefan LeRoy lost both of his legs in Afghanistan while trying to carry an injured platoon member to safety. “I knew there were more improvised explosive devices (IEDs), but that’s what you do,” says Stefan on his decision to help his injured comrade. “You do the right thing.”

After a long rehabilitation, Stefan was paired with Service Dog Knoxville, a Canine Companions® assistance dog whose duty is to help Stefan live more independently. Like all Canine Companions assistance dogs, we provided Knoxville free of charge to Stefan, and the power of their match is incredible.

“In those situations when I don’t feel comfortable with my disability, Knox is there to make me feel more comfortable,” says Stefan. “Knoxville is an amazing assistance dog. He has already had a big impact on my life in our time together.”

Last week, while celebrating Independence Day, we took time to recognize the freedom and opportunities we have as individuals and as a country. But for our graduates, it means even more. With 3.8 million veterans injured in combat and 1 in 5 Americans living with a disability, the work of an expertly-trained assistance dog takes on special significance on Independence Day. The work our assistance dogs do, and the 40 commands they learn, help them perform jobs like picking up dropped items, turning on lights, opening doors and so much more. At Canine Companions, EVERY day is independence day. Learn how you can share in our mission and give a dog a job.

Build-A-Bear Gives a Dog a Job

Now through August 8, Build-A-Bear Workshop will donate $1, up to $50,000, from the sale of each Promise Pets™ furry friend purchased in their stores. Thanks to the Build-A-Bear Foundation, children will continue to receive life-changing assistance dogs at no charge.

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