February 2019 eNews

February 13, 2019
Woman wearing crown with a Miss wheelchair sash and crown next to man in wheelchair wearing blue Canine Companions shirt, both have a black and yellow Canine Companions dog sitting in front of them
Two People, Two Dogs, One Love Story

They met on a blind date over lunch, matched by a friend and Canine Companions® puppy raiser who, on a hunch, played Cupid. Both Frank and Emily have spinal disorders and use wheelchairs. Separately, they had been paired with service dogs from Canine Companions. “Frank called, and we talked for hours. We started to date and the attraction grew; it was magical. We knew we’d found our life partner,” explains Emily. During visits, their service dogs carried on a lovefest of their own. “They really bonded, they would cuddle and play together.” Frank and Emily are now married, and along with their service dogs, they are one big happy family. Together they have more joy and independence in their lives with their dogs, who not only are expertly trained in over 40 commands, but also helped bring them together.

Love is in the air! This Valentine's Day, give a dog (or human) a valentine and give a dog a job.

National Graduation Day

Canine Companions graduation ceremonies honor people with disabilities matched with expertly-trained assistance dogs nationwide. We will also celebrate volunteer puppy raisers as they send the puppy they've raised to professional training. Join us in person or watch the livestream online.

Snow Dogs - Photos Needed

Most of the country is a white wonderland which means pups are frolicking and working in the snow. Do you have great photos of a Canine Companions puppy or assistance dog doing just that? Submit your photos to cci.org/snowdogs for an opportunity to be featured in future marketing materials.

Company Matching

Does your company have a matching gifts program? Your donation to Canine Companions could be doubled or possibly tripled! Some companies even match volunteer hours or gifts made by retirees and/or spouses. Find out if your company matches their employee contributions at cci.org/matchinggifts.

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