July 2020 eNews

This Independence Day was also Canine Companions® 45th anniversary! Our organization has experienced tremendous growth over the years, but our mission has never wavered. Our dogs have increased independence for people with a range of disabilities from hearing loss to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

June 2020 eNews

Canine Companions® supporters and private pilots Martyn Lewis, Josh Hochberg, Jeff Stewart and other volunteer pilots have transported over 100 Canine Companions puppies to their volunteer puppy raisers in our Northwest, Southwest and South Central regions! We are incredibly grateful to have the extra support from the community to keep our mission moving forward.

April 2020 eNews

These are stressful times for the entire country, but our dogs are hard at work continuing to provide support to our graduates. It is important to remember that some of our graduates have compromised immune systems, and during this time of social distancing, they are so grateful to have their expertly trained assistance dogs by their side. When others can’t help, a Canine Companions® dog is there.

March 2020 eNews

The New Castle County Delaware Police Department welcomed Facility Dog Nikko last year, and he is leaving his paw prints on the hearts of the New Castle community. Nikko visits schools, community events and helps assist in criminal investigations.

February 2020 eNews

Nine years ago, Luke was in a snowboarding accident that resulted in a spinal cord injury. Luke was left unable to walk and had to adjust to navigating life in a wheelchair. In 2019, everything changed when Luke found his perfect match in Service Dog Rummy.

January 2020 eNews

With Skilled Companion Ruff by Luke’s side the sky's the limit. Luke has Down Syndrome, creating cognitive and physical delays. Staying on task, speech and socialization are difficult for Luke. After being matched with Skilled Companion Ruff, Luke is making great strides.

December 2019 eNews

This year, Daniel was matched with his third life-changing Canine Companions® assistance dog. Skilled Companion Bagheera gives Daniel the confidence to travel, explore and look to the future. She is there to retrieve Daniel’s iPad, which he uses to communicate, as well as open doors, turn on and off lights, and provide constant companionship. “When we are out in public, people come up to us and ask about my dog,” says Daniel. “Without my dog, they wouldn’t have talked to me.”

October 2019 eNews

Sylvia, who has muscular dystrophy, has always had to rely on her parents to assist with day-to-day tasks. But Sylvia has never let her disability put a limit on her success.

September 2019 eNews

Canine Companions® Graduate Wallis was placed with her second service dog, Mork, in April 2016. He faithfully worked with Wallis allowing her to be independent at home, in public and while traveling. Unfortunately, Mork was on the receiving end of dog aggression nearly 10 times in less than three years.

July 2019 eNews

Mia has had a Canine Companions assistance dog by her side for over 22 years. Born with osteogenesis imperfecta, sometimes known as brittle bone disease, her bones fracture more easily and her mobility is affected. For some, this might mean a restrictive and limited lifestyle, but Canine Companions assistance dogs have helped mitigate the symptoms of Mia’s disability.

June 2019 eNews

Shakti, who’s had multiple sclerosis (MS) for 21 years, is an avid yogi and instructs yoga classes for people with disabilities. Two of her long-time students, who both have MS, would bring their Canine Companions service dogs to the weekly classes Shakti had been teaching. Shakti was able to see firsthand how expertly-trained assistance dogs can help a person with a disability. After seeing the benefits that come with a Canine Companions service dog, Shakti decided to apply for a service dog herself. Click here to read the entire enews.

May 2019 eNews

LuLu is a smart, vivacious 7-year-old who needs to stay active and exercise to help manage the progression of two rare genetic conditions. Skilled Companion Zuke is an expertly-trained assistance dog who helps LuLu move more and participate in the activities she enjoys most. Lulu's parents, Marko and Marianne, share, "Zuke is a great motivator and encourages Lulu to run - they love chasing each other around the house." Click here to read the entire enews.