Puppy Spike is Heading to College!

Help support Spike and friends and their futures as Canine Companions® assistance dogs.

Canine Companions puppy Spike was born with an important and bright future ahead of him! He is being raised by volunteer puppy raiser, Jennifer Williams, Executive Producer of "The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino." Jennifer has spent the past year and a half teaching basic commands, introducing Spike to new people, visiting different locations and working towards the goal of becoming a Canine Companions assistance dog for a person with a disability.

In a few short weeks, Spike will be ready to return to Canine Companions for professional training. He will spend the next 6-9 months learning more than 40 specialized commands to assist a person with a disability, including retrieving dropped items, tugging open doors and drawers, pulling a manual wheelchair or turning on a light. Spike could even learn to interrupt nightmares for a veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Each dog is a $50,000 investment for Canine Companions. This covers the expert breeding and training for the dogs, as well as a lifetime of follow up services for assistance dog teams. When the time comes and if all goes as planned, Spike will be matched with a person with a disability, entirely FREE of charge.

In honor of Spike's journey to assistance dog, please make a gift today.

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Canine Companions puppy Spike sitting on a chair in front of The Daily Briefing sign Jennifer with Canine Companions puppy Spike Paul Ryan with Canine Companions puppy Spike Canine Companions puppy Spike with Tyrus
Spike and other Canine Companions puppies at the NYE ball Canine Companions Spike sitting in front of the Late Night desk with Jennifer sitting behind the desk Canine Companions puppy Spike sitting on the lawn in front of the White House Canine Companions puppy Spike wearing a Buffalo Bills jersey on the field

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Check out Spike at @ccicaninepuppy on Instagram. Follow him and his friends as they "sit," "stay" and smile their way into our hearts.

Spike and friends at @ccicaninepuppy on Instagram

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