Nancy Sawhney, National Board Member

Nancy Sawhney with black service dog

While living in San Diego in 1988, Nancy Sawhney chanced upon a display booth for Canine Companions and was thrilled to realize that a Canine Companions assistance dog could help compensate for her own physical limitations. According to Nancy, the four-year wait for her first service dog was well worth it. Nancy has had a long partnership with Canine Companions, and soon will receive her fourth assistance dog. In 1993, Nancy moved to Northern California and became active with the Canine Companions Gold Rush Chapter, demonstrating her service dog's many skills at service clubs, church groups, and private and state workplaces.

Prior to moving to California, Nancy worked in counseling at Arizona State University and the University of Pennsylvania, helping students assess and hone their career options. In addition to her board service, Nancy has been a long time public library volunteer.

A graduate of San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Nancy claims her highest honor is recognition as a Canine Companions graduate with a highly trained dog by her side. “I want Canine Companions to grow and thrive thereby ensuring this remarkable organization can continue to improve the lives and gladden the hearts of future generations of graduates, staff and volunteers,” explains Nancy.