General Federation of Women's Clubs

Some angels have wings, others have tails.

Imagine not being able to open a door. Answer the phone. Hear a fire alarm. Or even pick up a pencil. These are the kinds of challenges many people with disabilities face daily.

Put a Canine Companions assistance dog in the picture, and everything changes. Thanks to the physical tasks the assistance dog performs, lives are suddenly filled with new promise and potential.

GFWC President's Message


"As an animal lover, I am a true believer of Canine Companions. Please join me in supporting this rewarding organization by providing financial assistance, volunteering as a puppy raiser, and spreading the word about the vital services Canine Companions provides to people with disabilities. Together, GFWC and Canine Companions will continue to make a difference in many lives."

- Mary Ellen Laister, GFWC International President

How you and your GFWC Club can get involved

Have a fundraising event
Form your own club's web page for raising funds - use BBQs, parties, walks/runs, and other events to raise funds from your club's Canine Companions web page.

See for Yourself
Visit and tour a regional training center.

eScrip membership drive
Sign up as many friends and family members to join eScrip and support Canine Companions.

Raise a puppy, change a life
Become a volunteer puppy raiser and provide basic obedience training, socialization, veterinary care, and a loving home for one of our puppies.

Learn more about Canine Companions by scheduling a presentation. Recently Canine Companions supporter and GFWC member Carol Weldin gave a presentation and tour to the Alamo Women's Club. This resulted in a new club partnership and a donation that will help Canine Companions continue to provide highly trained assistance dogs free of charge to people with disabilities. Thanks Carol, and thank you to the Alamo Women's Club members!
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