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Volunteer Chapters/Groups

If you’re looking for deeper engagement as a Canine Companions volunteer and there’s a chapter or group in your town, we encourage you to get involved. If there isn’t one nearby, maybe you’re the leader to start one! Forming a chapter requires three volunteers willing to take on the responsibility of becoming founding members and officers, as well as 15 standing members.

Chapters raise awareness, recruit new puppy raisers and volunteers, and support one another’s work on behalf of the mission in many ways. They are lively networks filled with opportunities for social engagement, from puppy classes to fundraisers.


South Florida Chapter
Lybbi Kienzle, President
(954) 767-6371 (Home)
(954) 536-7251 (Cell)

Central Florida Chapter
Jeanne Curtin, President
(407) 443-3657(Cell)

Please visit the Central Florida Chapter's website to learn more about their activities.

Jacksonville Volunteer Group
Lee Hoyt
(904) 718-1263


Greater Atlanta Chapter

Debbie Mullis & Mary Ashlyn Thiede

Please visit the Atlanta Chapter's website to learn more about their activities.

North Carolina

Raleigh/Durham Group

Crystal Bruton
E-mail: Crystal Bruton
(252) 205-5943




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