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Canine Companions for Independence is excited to share its mission with as many people as possible.  In this Regional News section you can learn more about our organization, see some of our latest stories in the media and read our recent newsletter.    

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DA Welcomes Canine Assistance to Comfort Children
The Leaf-Chronicle
November 17, 2013
Oscar, the 19th Judicial District Attorney Office's first Canine Companions Courthouse Dog, began his first week of work. Learn how he will assist victims of traumatic crimes and takes it all in stride.

Dr. Miller Trains Assistance Dog
The People-Sentinel
October 30, 2013
As a veterinarian and animal lover, Dr. Shannan Miller has cared for many articles. Learn how things are different now while she raises a lab/golden retriever mix nameed Kim IV for Canine Companions.

Fake Service Dog Gear Frustrates Truly Disabled
Orlando Sentinel
August 8, 2013
Public confusion, legal loopholes and shady Internet businesses have lead to an epidemic of fake service dog vests for use on ordinary pets. Read the entire article by clicking here.

Viera Hospital's Top Dog Lifts Spirits of Patients, Staff
Florida Today
July 9, 2013
Paco is the official Canine Companions Facility Dog at Viera Hospital. Click here to learn how he lifts the spirits of patients, family members and staff.

Truly a Teen's Best Friend
Tuscaloosa News
July 7, 2013
Kendra is a Canine Companions dog with a purpose. She expands the world of Andrew with her knowledge of 40 commands and her companionship. Read more here.

The Miracle Worker
Florida Space Coast Medicine Magazine
June/July Edition
At 7 Senses Therapy Tinder is a one-dog cheerleader for the kids, many of whom have difficulties with fine motor skills, gross motor skills and coordination. Learn all about Tinder and about her special and loving skills by clicking here.

Valrico Canine a Nominee for National Hero Award
The Tampa Tribune
June 15, 2013
Cynthia Moynihan's life changed after being paired with LaRue II, her beloved Canine Companions hearing dog. They are nominated for the American Humane Association's Hero Dog Award. Learn more here.

Service Dog Calms Victims During Investigation
Daily Comet
June 7, 2013
Duvall, a Canine Companions facility dog, is the newest member of the Terrebone District Attorney's office. Learn how his kind temperament will make him important in both the courtroom and evidence-gathering process by clicking here.

Gardens Dog Nominated for Hero Award
The Palm Beach Post
June 3, 2013
AJ Brockman and his Canine Companions Service Dog Dre have been inseprable since the two were paired more than a year ago. Learn how Dre helps AJ continue his dream to be an artist and why they were nominated for a prestigious award by clicking here.

Companion Dogs Graduate
The Advocate
May 4, 2013
Living next to their inmate trainers at the Dixon Correctional Institute three Canine Companions puppies are being taught basic obedience skills and 30 commands on their journey to become assistance dogs. Learn how this program benefits the prison and Canine Companions by clicking here.






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