Puppy Training Tips

Puppy training

Have a new puppy at home? Here are some tips:

Prepare your home and family for the puppy’s arrival
- Establish house rules with everyone in household
- Puppy proof house and yard
- Get necessary food and equipment
- Establish what your daily routine will be
- Find a veterinarian and emergency care near your home

Understand your Puppy
- Observe your puppy’s behavior and get to know their personality and temperament

Be the Pack Leader
- Always determine when a game will start and finish
- The pack leader eats first
- The pack leader always has the highest and best sleeping places
- The pack leader controls grooming and physical contact
- Confident
- Patient
- Objective
- Sit or stand up straight
- Hold your head up
- Be consistent

Praise Your Puppy
Teach your puppy to enjoy listening and responding to your commands. Showing and praising desirable actions are much more effective training methods
Types of praise:
- Soft, gentle encouraging voice
- Enthusiastic encouraging voice
- Bright smile
- Expression of approval
- Light physical touch
- Enthusiastic petting
- Game or reward with toys
- Food treat

Use correction only to stop undesirable behavior patterns

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