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Canine Companions Overview:
Bringing Greater Independence

Canine Companions Extraordinary Puppy: Help is a Four-Legged WordTM

Olivia and Skilled Companion Kya in the Eukanuba Profiles in Performance video Making Miracles Happen
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Making miracles happen video

Puppy Training Videos:

Basic Obedience




Wounded Veterans Initiative:

Wounded Veterans Initiative

One Team. Two Heroes.

Calvin and Service Dog Chesney

Jeffrey Adams and Service Dog Sharif

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Public Service Announcements


Supporter Dean Koontz talks about his retired service dog Trixie and his book A Big Little Life

San Francisco 49ers signing calendars to support Canine Companions for Independence

Idaho family that helps people with disabilities by volunteering to raise puppies as future service dogs

Dean and Trixie Koontz
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