Turn Off the TV and Go Play Fetch!

Canine Companions for Independence® has teamed up with Nickelodeon® for their annual Worldwide Day of Play, encouraging kids and their families to get out and play together. Join us in Brooklyn or play in your neighborhood!

In conjunction with Nickelodeon, the Worldwide Day of Play will be taking place September 17 in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York from 11-2pm. In the midst of family-friendly play stations and celebrations, Canine Companions dogs, staff and volunteers will be participating in play with a puppy cuddle corner, a dog ring toss and more.

“Canine Companions assistance dogs offer physical independence, however some of the more unexpected benefits for children and adults with disabilities can be equally as life changing,” says CEO Paul Mundell. “Playtime and joy are a crucial part of independence and inclusion. Our assistance dogs get our recipients out of the house and enjoying interactive playtime with family and friends.”

For Canine Companions for Independence assistance dog teams, playtime means making a friend, learning a new motor skill or having the confidence to show playmates how an assistance dog makes everything more fun. “Kids used to look at me and see the boy in the wheelchair,” one skilled companion recipient says. “Now they see just the kid with the really cool dog!”

You can learn more about attending the Nickelodeon Worldwide Day of Play on September 17 at http://www.nick.com/worldwide-day-of-play. Not in the area? No problem! Turn off the TV, grab a friend—two or four-legged—and get excited to play. Canine Companions wants to see your family at play, so be sure to take photos using the hashtags #WWDoP and #CCIDoP

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