Watch the Hero Tails “dog-umentary” video series

We are proud to announce the premiere of the Hero Tails “dog-umentary” video series presented by the NexGard® (afoxolaner) team. Each Hero Tails video installment features a remarkable Canine Companions for Independence® graduate pair and highlights how NexGard and Canine Companions for Independence are making lives easier, one dog at a time. We encourage all of our supporters to watch the Hero Tails series narrated by TV host, musician and philanthropist Nick Cannon, and for every video view or in-clinic purchase of NexGard through October 31, 2016, the NexGard team will donate $1, up to a total of $175,000, to Canine Companions for Independence. Your participation will help us continue making lives easier for people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs.

Video Release Date

Graduate Pair


June 8

Steven & Service Dog Ringo

Ringo is living life in the fast lane. He is by Steven’s side to help him navigate the hills of San Francisco and lend a paw when Steven needs to retrieve hard-to-reach items.

July 7

Brianna & Skilled Companion Emily

Emily is always there when Brianna needs a little help cleaning her room or taking off her shoes. She does it all with a wagging tail and a sparkly collar.

August 4

Alex & Service Dog Bright

Bright adds a little sunshine everywhere she goes. Whether it's with laundry or picking up a pacifier, Bright assists Alex in every stage of life, including motherhood.

September 8

Cara & Hearing Dog Turf

Cara’s day doesn’t start without Turf. He’s her nose-nudging alarm clock, making sure she doesn’t miss a beat.

October 6

Steve & Service Dog Gottlieb

A faithful friend is hard to find, but with Gottlieb around, Steve never has to worry. Gottlieb’s comforting presence gives Steve the confidence to explore the world outside his home.

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