July 2014 eNewsletter

July 2014 eNewsletter



Slowing the Progression of Huntington’s

Bob was diagnosed in with Huntington’s disease, a progressive disorder of the brain that inhibits patients physically, emotionally and socially.

A neurologist mentioned to Bob’s wife, Nila, that an assistance dog could help ease the physical and emotional pain of Bob’s illness. Bob received Canine Companions assistance dog Exeter free of charge in 2010.

Exeter is always there for Bob as his disease progresses; picking up the many things that Bob drops, turning out the lights or helping Bob get a soda from the fridge. The physical and emotional benefits Exeter has provided Bob has even slowed the progression of Huntington’s disease.

“Stress hastens the progression of Huntington’s disease, but knowing that Exeter will get the phone if Bob falls and letting the public know that he has a disability has reduced stress for Bob,” states Nila. “Both the doctors and I agree that Bob is doing as well as he is because of the presence of Exeter in his life.”

Read Bob’s full story here.

Match Challenge Success

We raised over $150,000 through our Match Challenge to support wounded veterans, but we still need your help! Help us place life-changing assistance dogs with people in need at no charge. As we celebrate our independence this month, help us serve veterans who have sacrificed so much by donating today.

2013 Annual Report Available

Canine Companions’ 2013 annual report is now available online. In this report, you’ll read stories and highlights from 2013 that will illustrate our belief in TEAM-Together Everyone Achieves More. We hope you will be inspired by this recap. View the 2013 annual report here.

National Graduation Day in August

We're kicking off International Assistance Dog Week by welcoming 53 new students for our August Team Trainings. During Team Training, students are matched with an assistance dog and learn to work together for greater independence. National Graduation Day is August 15.

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Date: 7/16/2014

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