April 2013 eNewsletter

April 2013 eNewsletter


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April 17, 2013

With Topper, Sawyer’s on the top of the world

Sawyer’s autism presents many challenges academically, socially and behaviorally. But, with his Canine Companions assistance dog Topper, facing these challenges is a little bit easier.

With an assistance dog by his side, Sawyer’s negative behaviors subside. Before Sawyer received an assistance dog, doctors said that Sawyer might not read on his own.

Sawyer's Grandfather taught him to read and Topper accompanies him to the library and snuggles up to him while he enjoys his books. Now, Sawyer reads above grade level and even checks library books out 20 at a time.

Kandace, Sawyer’s mom shares, “Sawyer can do the things he wants to now and he’s been able to move forward and onward and upward.”

Join Sawyer, Kandace and Topper at the Imagine Independence event to benefit Canine Companions in Ogden, Utah on April 18 to learn more about their remarkable story.

Read more about Sawyer and Topper.

The "E" Litter Update

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month and the "E" litter is excited to say thank you to their volunteer puppy raisers!

Check out our blog to read about the top 5 things they're grateful for.

The "E" Litter pups are exploring and getting the opportunities to go on public outings to increase their socialization training. Find out the magic words that every volunteer puppy raiser loves to hear.

Give Monthly. It’s the Easiest Way to Change Someone’s Life

We want you to become a Monthly Miracle Maker. Your gift each month will create more miracles of independence.

Remember, when you give a monthly gift of $10, $25 or more to Canine Companions, you are providing the resources a young pup needs to become a wonderful service dog that can change the life of someone living with a disability. Can they count on you?

Become a Monthly Miracle Maker.

Graduation Day is Coming!

On May 17 and 18 a whole new class of assistance dogs will start their journeys of creating independence for their partners with disabilities.

Adults, children, and veterans with disabilities will celebrate the beginning of increased independence with their new assistance dogs. Volunteer puppy raisers will see the puppy they raised cross the graduation stage as esteemed working dogs.

Find the graduation nearest you and join us in celebrating the contributions of the entire Canine Companions community that makes it possible to give assistance dogs free of charge to people with disabilities.

Canine Companions Highest Volunteer Service Award Winner

Our National Board of Directors awards the Jack Warnock Volunteer Service Award annually to one outstanding volunteer. This year the winner is Lance Weir, Canine Companions graduate, Southwest Regional Board Member and former Marine Corps Reservist.

“What Lance gives back to our organization and to our clients is priceless. Because of Lance, countless volunteers and donors have chosen to support Canine Companions. Because of Lance, people with disabilities are experiencing life-changing partnerships with their Canine Companions assistance dogs,” explains Barbara Barrow, southwest region executive director.

“I’m happy to be an example of how much independence a service dog can bring to someone with a disability,” Lance shares. “Canine Companions is a wonderful organization, and I’m proud to be a part of it.” Read more about Lance.

Free Eye Exams for Service Dogs

The American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists and Merial cordially invite your assistance dog to receive a complimentary, no-strings-attached, eye examination screening conducted by a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist.

Ophthalmologists participating in the 6th annual "ACVO/Merial national Service Dog Eye Examination" event will donate their time to provide free examinations across the US and Canada during the month of May 2013. Check here to see if your service dog qualifies.

Registration is open until April 30th, with exam appointments taking place during the month of May. For more information or to see if a doctor is participating in your area visit the website, www.ACVOeyeexam.org. 

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Date: 4/22/2013

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