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March 2013 eNewsletter


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March 21, 2013

Marvelous Mardene

Luke will be 18 in just a few weeks. And like most 18 year olds, he craves independence. But, his disability limits his independence. His illness is progressive, weakening all his muscles.

Thanks to his highly trained assistance dog Mardene, Luke is getting some of that independence he craves.

“Mardene allows me to be more independent because she opens doors for me and picks things up off the floor for me,” Luke explains.
As Luke prepares to leave for college in the Fall, the tasks that Mardene performs for him are increasingly important. For instance, Mardene can get the phone for Luke when he wants to call a friend, or needs help.

In addition to the tasks that Mardene can perform for Luke, Mardene creates a social bridge for Luke.

"With Mardene by my side, I feel less invisible," explains Luke.

Learn more about life changing assistance dogs.

Co-raising “E” Litter pup Emily 

“E” Litter puppy Emily is lucky enough to have two families raising her. She really enjoys having two homes and twice as many opportunities to grow in her socialization training.

Emily is well on her way to becoming a life-changing assistance dog! Visit our blog to read more about Emily.

Co-raising is a wonderful option for folks who want to raise a puppy without the commitment of doing it full-time or if they are first-time puppy raisers. Learn more about co-raising a puppy.

Graduate and Puppy Raising Trading Cards!

Here's a great way to capture the unique personality of your assistance dog or puppy and help spread awareness of Canine Companions in your community. Create your own custom trading cards to show your Canine Companions pride!

Similar to a baseball trading card, you can include photos of your Canine Companions dog and details on what makes your dog special, from their favorite toy to their cute nickname. Plus 6% of each purchase supports Canine Companions. Great for handing out to people who meet your assistance dog or puppy.

Purchase yours at

IRA Rollover Extended

Canine Companions dogs love to roll over for a good belly rub when they’re not working. If you are taking mandatory distributions from your IRA, you can rollover a distribution directly to Canine Companions. As part of the tax bill passed by Congress at the beginning of 2013, the popular IRA Charitable Rollover was extended. Your IRA plan administrator can facilitate the distribution.

For more information on this and other planned gifts, contact Dave Bonfilio, national planned giving officer at or visit

Treat a dog to a good belly rub.

Raise a puppy, Change a life.

Help provide assistance dogs to people with disabilities, and have fun while doing it!  Volunteer puppy raisers teach our assistance dog hopefuls basic obedience and provide the pups with lots of socialization opportunities. We're in need of volunteer puppy raisers across the country. Now's the time to become a volunteer puppy raiser! Visit to learn more today.

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Date: 3/21/2013

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