Canine Companions Wins Nonprofit Tagline Award

Canine Companions Wins Nonprofit Tagline Award

We’re thrilled to let you know that our tagline — Help is a Four-Legged Word — has won the 2010 Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Awards in the Human Services category.

The tagline is described by the judges as: "Tells the story in a style that is honest, compassionate and smart. The play on words works here because it catches you a bit off guard and gets you thinking about what CCI actually does."

Here's the history ... National Board Member for CCI, Bob Solon, and his son Lee, set out to create a national advertising campaign for Canine Companions in 2007. The campaign is a huge success, still going strong with pro-bono placement of print ads, billboards, ads on buses, in subways and train stations, and on television with 30-second PSA's. They wanted to communicate the importance of how Canine Companions assistance dogs enable people with disabilities to live their lives fully and act as loyal and loving best friends to their human partners. Lee created help is four-legged word to express the humanity and companionship the dogs provide, in addition to all the functions they perform, along with all the creative that goes along with the campaign. Aren't our volunteers fabulous?

Watch the video that describes the program and all the award winners:

2010 Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Awards from on Vimeo.

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