Kennel Health Conference

Kennel Health Conference

Canine Companions for Independence and Guide Dogs for the Blind are pleased to be presenting a Kennel Health Conference on Tuesday, February 18, 2014. It will be a full day of renowned speakers sharing the latest practices in preventing and managing canine infectious diseases.

Designed for veterinarians, veterinary professionals and animal facilities staff, the conference is for those looking for the best alternatives to diagnose, prevent, and treat infectious diseases through good biosecurity practices, vaccination protocols, early detection systems and aggressive therapeutic alternatives. Attendance and participation is open to organizations/individuals nationwide.

Speakers and Topics include:

- Dr. Ron Schulz, University of Wisconsin: Vaccines and vaccination programs

- Dr. Cynthia L. Karsten and Dr. Mehnaz C Aziz, Koret Shelter Medicine Program and UC-Davis: Clinical review of canine infectious diseases

- Dr. Scott Weese, University of Guelph: Controlling infectious canine diseases in a kennel environment

- Dr. Gerryl Hall, Merck Veterinary Support Team: Sanitation procedures and best practices for kennel environments

- Michele Pouliot, Guide Dogs for the Blind: Canine care and positive reinforcement

The conference will be held at Guide Dogs for the Blind in their Student Residence Hall Assembly Room, located at 350 Los Ranchitos Road San Rafael, CA.

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