Director of Canine Programs Interviewed on Diane Rehm Show

Director of Canine Programs Interviewed on Diane Rehm Show

Canine Companions’ Director of Canine Programs, Paul Mundell, was interviewed on the Diane Rehm show earlier this month. Diane spoke with a panel of experts to discuss the differences between service dogs, therapy dogs, companion dogs, and all other working dogs. They discussed how to determine the best type of dog for a particular job and what type of training is involved. The panel addressed the multiple benefits that a human receives as well as the benefits to the dog.

The call-in portion of the show included questions about temperament, stories of dogs’ sense of directions, the science on dogs and clarifications regarding therapy dogs and the Americans with Disability Act.

The panel also included Brian Hare, professor of evolutionary anthropology, Director of the Duke Canine Cognition Center, co-author of "The Genius of Dogs" and co-founder of Dognition and Amy McCullough, Director of Animal-assisted Therapy at the American Humane Association.

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