First Service Dog Organization Salutes First Family

First Service Dog Organization Salutes First Family


On Monday, January 21st, Canine Companions for Independence marched in the 57th Presidential Inaugural Parade.

Canine Companions had 132 marchers from 14 states, with nationwide participation including assistance dog teams, volunteer puppy raisers, National Board Members, CEO Corey Hudson, as well as staff.

"Canine Companions is honored to be chosen to participate in the Presidential Inaugural Parade. We're grateful to be able to share in this historic day and to share our mission of serving people with disabilities worldwide," said Hudson.

Canine Companions was one of 60 organizations chosen from over 2,800 applications. The theme of the parade is "Our People, Our Future" and will be broadcast worldwide.

Debuting at the parade was Canine Companions dog Independence, a dog balloon proudly wearing a Canine Companions assistance dog vest, as a part of the parade float.

"My daughter's dog Sajen has changed her life, and he's never let us down," said Carina Elgin. "That's why I really wanted to be a part of the parade—so that more people could hear about this organization, and want to get involved! We’re so grateful for this chance for the world to know about Canine Companions. The volunteers are thrilled to show everyone that this opportunity is out there to help enrich the lives of people with disabilities," shared Elgin. "I want more people like my daughter Caroline to be able to have a dog change their lives."

Parade marchers wore bright yellow Canine Companions jackets and hats made in Santa Rosa, CA by Bijan's Protective Equipment, Inc. Transportation to the parade in Washington DC was generously donated by Durham School Services.

To view photos from the parade, visit our Flickr page.

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