National Graduation Day

National Graduation Day

Something amazing is going to happen Friday, November 9.

Puppies that Canine Companions for Independence has raised and trained for two years will become official assistance dogs and live full time with their human companions.

Friday, November 9 is National Graduation Day. It’s the culmination of hard work and selfless dedication, a shared celebration of the extraordinary chain of generosity that turns a lovable puppy into a Canine Companions assistance dog.

At graduation there is never a dry eye in the house. Breeder caretakers, puppy raisers and instructors are simply bursting with pride. Volunteers and Canine Companions staff members feel an immense sense of achievement.

This celebration marks the end of an assistance dog’s professional training and the beginning of a partnership between a human in need and a canine that will provide endless service and companionship. Trained in over 40 commands, these exceptional dogs are capable of opening doors, flipping light switches, picking up dropped items, alerting their partner of important sounds and many more helpful services. These commands enable a person with a disability to function without relying on the help of another, enhancing their independence.

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