Canine Companions Dog Finalist for the National Hero Dog Award

Canine Companions Dog Finalist for the National Hero Dog Award

Yellow Labrador Zurich can open doors, retrieve the phone, and pick up dropped items. No, he’s not your typical pet. Zurich is a certified service dog from Canine Companions for Independence®. And he’s changed Patti’s life in countless ways.

Before graduating from the Canine Companions program in 2004, Patti Kennedy of Des Plaines, IL struggled to accomplish everyday tasks on her own. However, with a cold nose, warm heart, and variety of skills, Zurich helps Patti not just with the commands he knows, but with the bond that has been built and the laughter he brings to her on a daily basis.

“It’s a match made in heaven,” states Patti’s husband Dion, “thanks to Zurich he makes it easier for Patti to cope with her disability.”

Zurich won the Hero Dog Award for the service dog category and now heads to Hollywood! The American Humane Association’s Hero Dog Awards acknowledge dogs who are making a difference in people’s lives, just like Zurich. Over 300,000 votes had been cast for over 450 nominated hero dog candidates. Amazingly 1 out of every 30 votes went to Zurich.

The Hero Dog Awards recognize thousands of specially trained dogs lending help to those in need. Zurich is one of eight finalists, having just won the Service Dog category. To vote for Zurich, visit Check out Zurich’s heartwarming story by clicking on his picture. The judging period runs through September 30. The winning dog will be announced October 1 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles.
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