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The Companion is our tri-annual magazine that shares the growth of our mission, stories of our graduate teams and the good work our staff and volunteers are doing. Enjoy the beautiful images and wonderful stories. Together we are changing lives four paws at a time.

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0218 eNews

February 2018 eNews

On a rainy day in 1995, Tammie was carpooling to work with neighbors when their vehicle hydroplaned and flipped multiple times. "I remember waking up sideways in the passenger seat, but I couldn’t move to get out of the car," recalls Tammie. Read more...
0118 eNews

January 2018 eNews

The newest addition at Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation Grapevine-Lancaster is bringing patients a unique form of treatment — the love of a dog. Read more...
1217 eNews main image

December 2017 eNews

Abey has a very rare condition that causes her to have low muscle tone, cognitive delays and sensory issues. She cannot communicate verbally, but has assistance dog Toby to help her. “These incredible dogs become a part of your family so fast,” says Toni, Abey’s mom. “He’s an amazing dog. The time, love and energy it took to train him really shows. He’s very special and so attentive to Abey’s needs. Sometimes, even before I can tell, he knows if something is bothering her.” Read more...
1117 eNews

November 2017 eNews

Steve enlisted in the Army in 2004, and his unit was sent to Iraq in early 2005. He lost a number of close friends and suffered injuries himself. “Upon returning to the U.S., my friends and family noticed I was not the same person,” explains Steve. “Instead, they found a cold, jaded and angry man where a once compassionate one stood.” Read more...
1017 eNews main image

October 2017 eNews

Kimberly is no stranger to the assistance a Canine Companions dog can provide. She received assistance dog, Lissa, when she was 13 years old. “Lissa made me more confident,” says Kimberly. “She helped me feel more comfortable talking with new people. Before I was pretty shy, but having a dog with me made me more relaxed.” Read more...
0917 eNews

September 2017 eNews

Steve, a volunteer firefighter since 1982, has a special partner by his side and she comes with four paws and a wet nose. Hard of hearing since he was 3 years old as the result of spinal meningitis, Steve had a difficult time living independently without relying on the assistance of other people. Now, with Hearing Dog Luna V by his side, Steve can relax knowing she always has his back. Read more...
0817 eNews

August 2017 eNews

Imagine going in for a routine surgery and waking up as a quadruple amputee, fighting for your life. This nightmare was a reality for Annette. Instantly, the dedicated wife, employee and mother was completely dependent on others for every part of daily living. That is, until Canine Companions Service Dog Patch entered the picture. Read more...
0717 eNews

July 2017 eNews

Margo found out about Canine Companions in 1988. “I was struggling then. I already couldn’t handle a full nursing schedule anymore,” says Margo. “Having a progressive disability really changes your life, but I knew I wanted to stay as independent as possible.” Read more...
0617 eNews

June 2017 eNews

"Life before Canine Companions was good, but I was dependent on others," shares Amy who graduated with Service Dog Yazzen in 2005." Read more...
Alex & Bright

May 2017 eNews

"Being a mom is rewarding, and also really hard. That’s a universal truth, but adding disability to the dynamic makes some of the day-to-day responsibilities appear nearly impossible. Canine Companions has matched me with two different and perfect assistance dogs. Read more...
0417 eNews

April 2017 eNews

Robin began her education at the University of Central Florida (UCF) in 2015. In 2016, she started “graduate school.” She hopes to land her first job within six months.

However, Robin isn’t your average student. She is a Canine Companions dog training to become an assistance dog. Raised by UCF student, Morgan, Robin was the first assistance dog in training allowed to live in university housing at a public university in Florida. Read more...

0317 eNews

March 2017 eNews

A child had just received new braces and was refusing to walk in them. All I had to say was, "Let's get Igor's leash and take him outside, then Igor and the child were walking and eventually running outside together," recalls Teresa, a physical therapist. Read more...
0217 enews grad image

February 2017 eNews

For many dancers, injuries are a harsh reality of the job. Kathleen occasionally experienced numbness and weakness in her legs. Her doctors determined the symptoms to be caused by a slipped disc, a common dancing injury. But as the numbness and weakness worsened, doctors decided to run additional tests. Kathleen expected that she would need surgery, but the news she received was far worse. The doctor informed Kathleen that she would never dance again; she had multiple sclerosis (MS).

“I lost my identity that day in the hospital.”


January 2016 enew grad image

January 2017 enews

Hearing Dog Marguerite could not have come into Michelle’s life at a better time. Michelle had just lost her husband to a heart attack two months prior to receiving an invitation to Team Training at Canine Companions to receive a hearing dog. Read more...