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Service dog sits near to graduate

Canine Companions for Independence® has an extensive photo collection. All photos below are full color, and available in web-ready (low resolution) and compressed press-ready jpegs.

Photographs may be used for reproduction for news, editorial, or educational purposes but not in any manner that would violate the rights of any person, firm, or corporation. Our photographs may not be used for advertising or trade. Canine Companions for Independence photographic materials may not be added to any stock photo collection. We reserve the right to refuse requests we deem either inappropriate to the mission of the Canine Companions or insensitive to the individuals depicted.

Copyright and credit must be attributed to Canine Companions for Independence® each time an image is used. Please read the Logo Guidelines and the Terms of Use before downloading photos and logos.

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Images and Logos


Service Dog Team
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Skilled Companion Team
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Hearing Dog Team
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Facility Dog Team
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Service Dog Retrieving Keys
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Newborn Puppy
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Young Puppy Raisers
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fluffy puppies with cape TN


Canine Companions Puppies
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Black and White logo
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Full color logo
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Logo w-th Baylor tn



Full color logo - Baylor Scott & White
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Public Service Announcements

Public service announcements for television and radio are currently available. They are designed to help educate people on assistance dogs and spread the word on the mission of Canine Companions for Independence.

Thank you for your help increasing awareness of Canine Companions for Independence.

Please review our Terms of Use prior to downloading.

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