January 2017 enews

A Woman's Life Turned Around | A Dog A Day | Training Videos

Hearing Dog Marguerite could not have come into Michelle’s life at a better time. Michelle had just lost her husband to a heart attack two months prior to receiving an invitation to Team Training at Canine Companions to receive a hearing dog.

“Marguerite really helped turn my life around,” says Michelle. “I was able to start sleeping again and Marguerite alerted me to my neighbors coming by the house to check on me or bring me food.”

In fact, it was Michelle’s late husband who had initially discovered Canine Companions while he was on a business trip. “He traveled a lot for work. On one trip, he met a Canine Companions hearing dog at the airport,” says Michelle. “He learned how a hearing dog could help me when I was by myself. It’s a little scary being by yourself when you can’t hear.”

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