Central Florida Chapter

Southeast Region

Meet Our Chapter Officers

Meet the officers of the Central Florida Chapter.

President - Joanne Cowles
Joanne became involved with Canine Companions for Independence five years ago. She has fundraised, represented Canine Companions at conventions and other events, and assisted with chapter functions. Joanne and her husband, Steve, are currently raising their first puppy, Zeb.

Vice-president - Linda Feld
Linda has dedicated her life to volunteerism and was paired with Service Dog Keith in 2012. Linda has given many presentations to a wide variety of audiences, and represented Canine Companions at numerous events and on television. Linda speaks to each Team Training Class to encourage them and serves as the "finished product". She has been the volunteer committee chair for two DogFest events and has served as the chapter's volunteer coordinator for the past three years.

Treasurer - Patty Gordon
Patty has been volunteering with Canine Companions for 11 Years. She is a puppy raiser, Tales & Tails gala volunteer and is always out in the community building awareness for Canine Companions. She was the DogFest entertainment chair in 2016 and the chapter hospitality chair for the past few years. Patty and her husband, Bill are currently raising Finch, puppy number eight!

Secretary - Jeanne Curtin
Jeanne began volunteering with Canine Companions more than 20 years ago. "When I decided to become a puppy raiser, I checked all of the assistance dog organizations I could find. After reviewing policies and procedures, I decided that Canine Companions was the best organization out there." In addition to being a long-time puppy raiser, Jeanne assists with puppy classes, does presentations, booth duty and puppy pick-ups from the airport. She was the chairperson for the first Orlando DogFest Walk 'n Roll in 2014 and took the reigns again in 2015. When asked why she does what she does, Jeanne replied "I love the opportunity to give something back. I've been so richly blessed in my life, it feels right to do something for others". She and husband, Kevin, are currently raising their 17th puppy, Zebra.