Cub Scouts Learn More about Canine Companions

Cub Scouts Learn More about Canine Companions

On my honor, I will do my best. . . . .to help other people at all times. . . .

Over 80 cub scouts and their parents met with some members of the Atlanta Chapter of Canine Companions for Independence and learned how their dogs help people in the community and how the Scouts can join in the mission.

Four volunteers shared information and their stories with Cub Scout Pack #511 in Lawrenceville, GA. The focus of the meeting was the specific line in the Scout pledge that references always being a helpful member of one’s community.

Volunteer puppy raiser Ellen Campbell shared some information about the organization and the mission. Cecilia Kurland spoke about how the puppy raisers help socialize the puppies and prepare them for further professional training. Janice Himmelsbach explained and emphasized the importance of service dog etiquette and demonstrated a few of the basic commands that the puppies learn while they are growing up in the care of the puppy raisers. Graduate Jaehn Clare and her Service Dog Grant demonstrated a selection of commands used daily by working assistance dogs while on the job.

Following the speakers’ presentations, the Cub Scouts and their families had an opportunity to “meet & greet” the dogs. Questions were answered about the individual dogs and about Canine Companions and how to learn more.

Cub Scout Pack Leader John Alford remarked, “I’ve never seen the boys so entranced!” as he expressed his deep appreciation for our presence at the meeting, as well as the information that we shared.