Raise a Puppy, Change a Life

South Central Region

Raise a Puppy, Change a Life

Puppy raisers are often asked how they do what they do and why they do it. The journey of a puppy raiser isn't always as easy as it is cute, but it changes many lives along the way. Learn more about how you can help give a dog a job by raising a future assistance dog.

Volunteer puppy raisers provide specially-bred puppies a safe home, take them to obedience classes, serve up a healthy diet, provide socialization opportunities and give lots of love. Each hour spent caring for a Canine Companions puppy is vital to its development as a future assistance dog. The puppy raising program provides a unique opportunity for volunteers to assist with our very important mission.

Here in Texas, we are always in need of more volunteers to raise future service dogs. Puppy raisers donate their time and effort in the care and socialization of assistance dog candidates to prepare them for their future job. Our chapter provides a community of support, allowing you to give back while being paid in unconditional love and puppy kisses. It is a job that is both warm and fuzzy! If you would like to learn more about puppy raising and our other volunteer efforts, please contact us.

For more information or to apply to become a volunteer puppy raiser, click here