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Hulen Hills Animal Clinic Helps Out

Dr. Steve Hotchkiss is the man behind this incredible facility that provides the veterinary care for the Carswell prison program puppies. Canine Companions Lone Star Chapter learns more about what drives him and his staff to graciously provide their services. Read more...

Dr. Steve Hotchkiss

Did you ever wonder how the puppies being raised through our prison programs receive their veterinary care? Here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the Federal Medical Center, Carswell is home to an active and successful prison-raising program that is supported by Dr. Steve Hotchkiss, a Texas A&M-trained, Fort Worth based veterinarian with a huge heart for both people and dogs. The mission of Canine Companions to provide “exceptional dogs for exceptional people” really strikes a chord.  Dr. Hotchkiss, his staff of 10 doctors, 70 nurses and support personnel at Hulen Hills Animal Clinic as well as the adjoining Grand Pet Resort and Salon volunteer their services – free of charge – by caring for all of the puppies in the Carswell prison puppy-raising program.

Since 2011, approximately $50,000 in veterinary services has been provided for the Carswell pups by Dr. Hotchkiss and Hulen Hills, including routine check-ups and vaccinations, boarding for female pups in season, neutering surgery for male puppies, as well any other veterinary services that arise. The facility also houses a state-of-the-art 24/7/365 days a year emergency animal hospital.

Dr. Hotchkiss says that God has blessed him with good health, but he recently gained some insight into what Canine Companions for Independence graduates endure on a daily basis when he injured both his right shoulder and left hand in a skiing accident. Temporarily without the use of both arms, he experienced the inability to pick up dropped items, open doors and drawers, or do the many other tasks of which Canine Companions dogs are trained to assist.

He feels honored to partner with Canine Companions and says, "His staff loves the opportunity to do something so meaningful. We all grow.”

His latest venture – still in the planning stages – is for construction of a new animal hospital to be located on the I-30 access road at the Hulen Street exit.

Canine Companions is extremely fortunate to have Dr. Hotchkiss and all of the awesome folks at Hulen Hills caring for our Carswell puppies and we thank you for your amazing generosity!