Gold Rush Chapter

Northwest Region

Flying the Friendly Skies

And so it is, we start our new website off with a story about an ending. These are the “Big Dogs” of the Gold Rush Chapter of Canine Companions for Independence. They are at the “tail” end of their training with their dedicated puppy raisers, getting ready to head off on the next leg of their journey – advanced training. How do we celebrate this momentous milestone and make it a training opportunity? We go to the airport of course! In February these fabulous eighteen puppies will be off to start their advanced training with the pawesome staff at Jean and Charles Schultz Campus in Santa Rosa campus.

Prior to turn-in, puppy raisers teach their puppies many commands, expose them to new sights and sounds, and how to behave in a very distracting world. We are so fortunate to live in an increasingly accessible world. While some challenges still exist, thankfully persons with disabilities are able to be more mobile than ever before. By exposing our pups-in-training to as many things in everyday life, such as the sights and sounds at the airport, they become adaptable to any situation when they are working.

So many people say they came to Canine Companions for the puppies, to be part of a wonderful way to give back to the community. However, after a short time most will tell you that they stay because of the people. With that sentiment we invite you to visit our new website often. We will happily share pictures and stories about our puppies will you, but I bet too, that you will stay for the people. We might even convince you to join our volunteer family! Our paws are crossed.