Gold Rush Chapter

Northwest Region

All Dressed Up ... and lots of places to go!

This is Calliope. She is was raised in the southwest region of Canine Companions by  puppy raiser Melissa Billingsley. Even though she technically doesn't live here in Gold Rush territory she is certainly an honorary member of our great group. Calliope graduated as a Canine Companions Facility Dog last year. Calliope and her two-legged partner Meghan work with moderate to severaly handicapped preschoolers to facilitate communication development.

Gold Rush All Dressed Up 1

What does that mean? Well Calliope is essentially a super cute, highly skilled, and fuzzy aid to help Meghan as she works to motivate students and facilitate functional communication skills. Calliope is particularly helpful at putting parents and students at ease on their first visits away from home and during speech assessments. You can follow Meghan and Calliope on Facebook 

So why is she wearing a bunny mask?  Well, Calliope and Meghan are a dedicated team and willing to do whatever it takes to be great at their job. For many of the four-legged members of Canine Companions teams that can mean dressing up. People may shake their heads when they see our pups out and about in crazy costumes, but truly it is all part of the training. Puppy raisers try to expose their pups-in-training to as many new and sometimes zany things as possible. To this end the Gold Rush Chapter puppy raisers recently gathered to have a little Spring Fling in dressed in their bunny best. 

Check out all of the pics from the GRC Spring Fling!

We always have the highest of hope for our puppies, and their futures are bright. So we all may look a little silly, but you don't have to look hard to see lots of smiles and lots of love. We dress them up because they have many great and exciting places to go!