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Welcome new grad team, Philip and Skilled Companion Trevin

July 15, 2016

Our chapter is so happy to welcome a brand new grad team, Philip and Skilled Companion Trevin! Philip's family was kind enough to share their CCI experience with us.

How is Trevin impacting Philip and your family's lives?
Trevin has been a wonderful addition to our family and to Philip's home therapy program. Philip, who has autism, has limited play skills, and it's often hard to find activities to do with him. Caring for Trevin gives us many new ways to engage Philip, whether it's going on walks, grooming, feeding, or playing fetch. Having Trevin with us at the store or other public places has been particularly helpful in keeping Philip from running off.

When you were in advanced training how did you get paired with Trevin?
The CCI instructors had each team sit on a blanket and introduced several dogs to us one at a time. On the first day I was very worried because Philip didn't really seem interested in any of the dogs we were paired with. On the second day Philip had a big smile when we were paired with Trevin and gave him a nice cuddle.

What is Trevin’s personality like and does he have any favorite things to do when he’s not working?
Trevin is extremely gentle and patient. More than anything, he loves to play fetch and be around kids.

What has been your most memorable moment with Trevin thus far?
The first time Trevin pulled Philip around using a tug strap attached to a board on wheels (something CCI taught us for sensory input and developing play skills), and Philip kept saying "tug" and asking for more.

Does Philip have a favorite command that Trevin does?