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Northwest Region Volunteer of the Month for February 2015 - Cheri Van Pelt

February 1, 2015

After a co-worker received a guide dog, Cheri’s interest in assistance dogs was piqued. She and her husband had a young daughter and thought raising a puppy would be a great project for the family. They did a lot of research about puppy raising and decided that Canine Companions for Independence would be the best match for their family.

They enjoyed their first puppy raising experience so much that they continued. In fact, they just picked up their 14th puppy this week! Cheri says that each of their puppies has been so different and unique that she learns something new with each one.

Cheri takes her puppies to many events where she can educate people about Canine Companions. The puppies are always a big draw and impress everyone! Cheri donated her time as the East Bay Chapter puppy class trainer and Canine Companions recently asked her to become the official contract trainer for the chapter. She really enjoys helping the first-time puppy raisers on their puppy-raising journey.

Thank you Cheri for everything that you do for your East Bay volunteer chapter and for Canine Companions!