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Northwest Region Volunteer of the Month for December 2014 - Sharon Mosbaugh

December 1, 2014

Puppy raisers are often the first introduction that people in the community have to Canine Companions. This was the case for Sharon Mosbaugh when she met a group of puppy raisers in the Indianapolis airport. Two years after her first introduction to Canine Companions, Sharon was still thinking about those puppy raisers and decided to become a puppy raiser herself. As a school teacher, Sharon thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce the children in her class to community service.

Her first puppy, who they called Sally, grew up in the classroom with Sharon and the students. Sharon saw the wonderful things that Sally, then just a puppy, brought to her classroom. So, Sharon decided to apply for a Facility Dog. Sally must have known that her job wasn't finished because after professional training, and much to Sharon's surprise and delight, Sally was matched with Sharon as her Facility Dog. Sharon and Sally worked in the classroom together for 13 years.

Sharon has gone on to do many things for Canine Companions. She is currently the proud breeder caretaker of two female breeders and has recently become the East Bay chapter president. In her time as chapter president, Sharon has built a great team of volunteers who support our mission.

Sharon, your commitment and passion for Canine Companions is outstanding. We are so grateful to have you on our team. Thank you!