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It's a Family Affair for Reeter Puppies

December 8, 2015

On December 8, 2015, three-time Puppy Raiser from Oakland, Jen Bloom picked up Reeter II who was named after her cousin and "Puppy Raiser extraordinaire" Rita in Florida.

The first Reeter was also named in honor of Rita through a donation made by Jen and her siblings. Then, when Reeter I became a Change of Career dog, another puppy was named in her honor, and Jen asked to raise her. So as you can see, it's all in the family with the Reeter pups!

We asked Jen a few questions about puppy raising and her newest addition ...

How did you get started being a Puppy Raiser?
My cousins in Flagler Beach, Florida, Rita and Steve Gombar, have been CCI puppy raisers for 6+ years. While visiting with them in Florida in March 2010, I met their first puppy, Kendra (SC), who was only 9 weeks old. She was unlike any puppy I’ve ever met, and I’ve spent my whole life around dogs. Kendra was focused and looked you right in the eye. She was gentle, silly, playful, and eager to learn. That summer, my cousins and Kendra drove across the country and we toured the CCI headquarters in Santa Rosa together. I was so impressed with the organization’s mission and campus, that I applied to be a puppy raiser.

What is your favorite part about raising CCI puppies?
The opportunity to socialize the puppies in so many different environments is my favorite part of puppy raising. It is so much fun watching the puppy grow, learn, and experience the newness of the world; each new sound, texture, scent, and living creature. I love the bond I develop with the puppies and knowing that I play an important role in developing a confident, obedient, loving companion for someone who truly needs the puppy.

What is your most memorable Puppy Raiser moment?
I have so many great memories and thousands of pictures to prove it! My first puppy, Engrid, joined us on a family trip to Yellowstone National Park which was really fun to experience the geysers and wildlife together. This was her first time in the snow, which she loved. Also, Engrid flew on a plane with me to Boston and was a perfect “under the seat” puppy the entire 6 hour flight.

You've had Reeter for just 3 weeks, have you noticed any personality traits emerging?
Reeter is confident, curious, playful, and bold. She went up and down my back steps on the second day (the other two had to be carried for at least a week or more). She loves to meet people and other dogs. It’s definitely easier to raise a CCI puppy with a COC dog at home; Engrid is a great co-trainer. Reeter already knows sit, down, here, and kennel. She does not like the gentle leader, however, and just lies down anytime I put it on! We are working on that now.