East Bay Chapter

Northwest Region

Honoring a great volunteer

August 26, 2014

Kristen Trisko has been an extraordinary volunteer for Canine Companions for almost two decades. She began as a puppy raiser for Fusenot in 1986, and like many in the Canine Companions’ family, she was hooked for life on our wonderful mission. She has raised 10 puppies and has opened her home to 2 breeders. Kristen has also helped many other breeder caretakers bring hundreds of puppies into the world.

Several years ago Kristen took over as president of the East Bay Chapter. She is loved by everyone who meets her, and her soft, caring ways have helped bring many more volunteers into this chapter. She has worked countless hours giving presentations, coordinating events, and seeking donations, while at the same time raising puppies and caring for breeders.

At home she is surrounded by her family, husband Dave, daughters Jessica, Melissa, and son Kevin. There are also many critters: 2 dogs, a cat, a horse, a donkey, and chickens. There is no doubt she is an animal lover.

In November Kristen moved to the wine country to be closer to her family business. It was a major loss for the East Bay, and a big gain for the Wine Country Chapter. However, she isn’t that far away and promises to come back often. We wish her the very best. She deserves nothing less.