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About Our Organization

Exceptional Dogs for Exceptional People

Imagine being 11 years old, in a wheelchair and the kids at school didn’t know what to say to you or how to act around you. Now imagine that you could provide a beautiful service dog for this child. Now, the “kid in the chair” becomes the “kid with the cool dog”. Their trained assistance dog opens doors, picks up dropped pencils and sleeps with them at night.

Imagine being an adult with a disability. You can’t turn on a light, pick up a dropped object or take your own clothes off at night. Now imagine that you have a beautiful Labrador or golden retriever assistance dog to do those things for you. Your own Canine Companion.

Canine Companions dramatically change lives. Children with cerebral palsy or autism and adults with crippling multiple sclerosis gain independence and improve self-esteem because of these dogs. People who cannot hear receive hearing dogs to alert them to the phone, the doorbell, their child calling “mommy”.

Attend the 5th Annual Sails & Tails Event and help us continue to provide Exceptional Dogs for Exceptional People free of charge. Canine Companions for Independence is the largest and oldest assistance dog organization in the country. With more than 4000 graduate placements Nationwide, we continue to provide Exceptional Dogs for Exceptional People free of charge.

Visit cci.org for more information about our program.

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