Paul Mundell, CEO

Paul Mundell joined Canine Companions for Independence in 1989 as an instructor in the Northeast Region after studying at Ruprecht-Karls-Universitat Heidelberg in Germany. He later became the Northeast Region executive director. He’s held the role as national director of canine programs for the last 17 years, making far-reaching and critically important contributions to the profile of the ideal Canine Companions assistance dog, and is today an internationally recognized authority in the field of canine genetics and behavior.

Paul has developed partnerships with a variety of organizations that assist in the development of the canine program, including Duke University Canine Cognition Center, Eukanuba Dog Foods, The Buck Institute, Emory University, Georgia Tech and Texas A&M University. Additionally, Paul is a consultant for the United States Marine Corps, assisting to develop specialized search dogs that will remotely detect improvised explosive devices. Recently, Paul’s leadership led to Canine Companions being chosen as a contractor to furnish dogs for a study to be performed by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to determine the potential benefits of canine support for Veterans with PTSD.